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Abarum exponit Stephanus quod est arabice plumbum, albar alias abar tamen vocatur.


expõit AC | exposuit BH efjp
arabice | autẽ B
{plumbum} albar alias (al’as A) add. AC
{vocatur} Stephanus add. H


Stephanus says that abarum is Arabic for Latin plumbum {"lead metal"} though it is also called albar or abar in other sources.


Siggel (1950: 76) ﺍﺑﺎﺭ /abār/ Blei; … verbranntes Blei {i.e. "lead, … burnt lead"}.

The form abarum is typical of Stephanus' attempts to introduce Arabic-based loans, here abār with the Latin ending -um added. He was rightly criticized in his time for introducing superfluous terms for items that were perfectly expressed by the contemporaneous Latin terminology.

The form albar is hypercorrect seeing the Arabic article "al" in the beginning of this word.

WilfGunther 21/01/2013

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