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Acharpos grece .i. sine fructu sic dicitur quedam species libanotis et quedam edere ut suis locis patebit.


Acharpos B e | Acharipos f | Acapos AC | Acarpos H

libanotis ABC ef | libanotidos H

suis locis patebit ABCH e | patebit in locis suis f


Acharpos is Greek and it means "without fruit"; a certain kind of libanotis {"rosemary"} is given this epithet and one of edera {"ivy"}, as will become clear in their respective entries.


Greek ἄκαρπος /ákarpos/, "without fruit, barren", consists of ἀ- /a-/ {similar to English "un-, non"} + καρπός /karpós/ {"fruit; seed"} > "without fruit".

The word does indeed appear in Simon's entry Libanotis, but not in Edera.

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