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Aconilithos grece cos scilicet lapis in quo acuitur ferrum.


Aconilithos AC | Achonilithos e | Achõilitos B | Akoin … licos f {'ni' misread as 'in'; 't' misread as 'c'} | Achonilythos H

.s. ABCH e | scʒ f

acuitur (-it~ f) ACH f | accuit~ e | acint~ B {'u' upside down > 'n'}


Aconilithos is Greek for Latin cos {"whetstone"}, that is a stone with which an iron instrument is sharpened.


Cf. Greek ἀκóνη /akónē/, in an itacist pronunciation /akóni/, means on its own "whetstone, hone", and here the word λίθος /líthos/ "stone" is redundantly added, i.e. ἀκóνη λίθος /akónē líthos/.

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