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Adibic et dibic Avicenna in capitulo de cura scrofularum viscus quercinus est.


Whole entry om. f

Adibic (A dibic B) et dibic B ej | Adibic & dabic AC | Adibic & dibaic p | Adibich vel dibich H
{Avicenna} videtur add. j
in capitulo om. H
scrofularum ABCH j | serfillarũ ms. e | | ferfillarum corrected, added superscript by different hand: scrofularum ms. p
quercinus B e | quercinum AC | quercuũ jp
est om. H


Arabic Adibic also dibic is in Latin viscus {"mistletoe"} on quercus {"oak"} according to Avicenna in his chapter De cura scrofularum {"On the cure of scrofula"}.


Adibic/ dibic:
Cf. Wehr (1976): ﺩﺑﻖ /dibq/ "birdlime". Siggel (1950: 34): ﺩﺑﻖ /dibq/ Viscum od. Loranthus, Mistel {i.e. Viscum [[1]] or Loranthus [[2]]} {"mistletoe"}.
Simon's Adibic is the same word with prefixed article, i.e. ﺍﻟﺪﺒﻖ /al-dibq/, assimilated: /ad-dibq/. Cf. also Lane (1984: 840, 2nd col) [[3]] ﺩﺑﻖ /dibq/ .

Simon is referring to Avicenna's Canon, 4, 3, 2, where chapter 9 has the title: De scrofulis {"On scrofula"}, followed by a section called De Cura {"On how to heal" sc. scrofula}, Lyon edition (1522: 348) [[4]]. Here a series of remedies is described, and among them one that contains i.a.: & dibic .i. euisci quercini – "and {take} some dibic, that is of viscum {'mistletoe'} quercinum {'from oak'}" (cf. 2nd col., line 19 from bottom}.

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