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Aedyonelasu exponit grecum Stephanus per arabicum cadite leiel utrumque ignoro.


Aedionelasu (-diõe- B) B efp | Aediouelasu j {‘f’ misread as “long s”; 'n' misread as 'u'} | Aedyonela AC
grecum B ejp | g. A | g̃ f | grecus C
cadite leiel AC j | caditeleiel B ep | caditoleiel f
{caditeleiel} sed add. f
{utrumque} quid sit add. B


Aedyonelasu: this Greek word Stephanus explains with the Arabic word cadite leiel, and I have no knowledge of either of them.


This is Greek αἰδοῖον ἐλάφου /aidoîon eláphou/, itacist /edíon eláfu/, which means “penis of the stag”.
αἰδοῖον /aidoîon/ “privy parts, pudenda, both of men and women” (LSJ); ἔλαφος /élaphos/ “deer, stag, hind”.

WilfGunther (talk) 15:06, 14 January 2016 (GMT)

For cadite leiel, Stephanus’ glosses and further comment:
see also Caditheleil

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