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Alcutub et cutubub est species melancolie Avicenna in .iii. de qua proprium capitulum facit.


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Alcutub or cutubub is a kind of melancholy. Avicenna in his third book has written a whole chapter on it.


Simon refers to Avicenna's Canon, book iii, the chapter named in the Arabic original ﻓﺼﻞ ﻓﻰ ﺍﻟﻘﻈﺮﺏ /faṣl fiy al-quṭrub/ {"On al-qutrub"}.

Cf. Lane (1984: 2543). s.v. ﻗﻈﺮﺏ {/qaṭraba/} "he hastened, sped or went quickly". In its basic meaning ﻗﻈﺮﺏ {/quṭrub/} denotes a bird that moves about a lot or an insect of similar fidgety habit.

Lane then continues, referring to Avicenna:

ﻗﻈﺮﺏ {/quṭrub/} " … Also a species of melancholia; … a well-known disease, arising from the black bile; mostly originating in the month of ﺷﺒﺎﻅ {/šubāṭ/} [February …], vitiating, or disordering, the intellect, contracting the face, occasioning continual unhappiness, causing to wander about in the night, and rendering the face ﺍﺧﻀﺮ {/aḫḍar/ (lit.) 'very green'} [here app. meaning of a dark or an ashy dust-colour], the eyes sunken, and the body emaciated. [A more ample description is given by Avicenna (Ibn Seenà). In book iii, pp.315 et seq. SM {=the seyyid Murtaḍà, author of the 'Tàj el- 'Aroos'} states that he had not found this in any other lexicon than the Ḳ {= the 'Ḳámoos'"}. Golius {author of i.a. the Lexicon Arabico-Latinum, Leiden, 1653), explains the word as signifying Lycanthropia, on the authority of Rhazes (Er-Rázec)."

Vázquez de Benito & Herrera (1989: 121), have ﻗﻈﺮﺏ /quṭrub/ (licantropía) i.e. "lycanthropy".

On p. 122 these authors quote Avicenna's Canon, third book, in the original Arabic ﻓﺼﻞ ﻓﻰ ﺍﻟﻘﻈﺮﺏ /faṣl fiy al-quṭrub/ and offer a Spanish translation:

((Sobre al-quṭrub) (licantropía). Es una clase de melancholia que suele aparacer en el mes de febrero y hace que quien la padece rehúya la gente, busque el estar en compañía de los muertos, sienta animadversión hacia quienes le cogen de improvisto, salga de noche y se oculte de día, buscando siempre el aislamiento y alejamiento de los demás.

"On al-quṭrub (lycanthropy). It is a form of melancholy that tends to appear in the month of February and causes anyone who suffers from it to avoid people and seek to be in the company of the dead, they feel antagonism against those who catch them unawares, they go out at night and they hide by day, always seeking isolation and distance from other people". (Translation by Wilf Gunther).

See also: Licantropia

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