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Algarab arabice, fistula lacrimabilis oculi que grece egilopa dicitur.


lacrimabilis ACH | lacrimalis B efjp
egylopa ACH | egilopa B efp | agilopa j


Algarab is Arabic for Latin fistula lacrimabilis {"lachrimal fistula"} of the eye, which is in Greek egilopa.


Cf. Lane (1984: 2242): ﻏﺮﺏ /ġarb/, quoted by Simon with the article /al-/, means among many other things "a tumour in the inner angles of the eyes and the outer angles thereof. A pustule in the eye, which discharges blood and the bleeding of which will not be stopped".

The word occurs in Avicenna's Canon [Goehl], e.g. liber secundus, capitulum 122: De camomilla … where he says: Membra oculi: sanat algarab (annotation: aegilopum) "As for the eyes, it {i.e. chamomile} heals algarab". The texts is also available online in the Lyon edition (1522: 81), De camomilla Cap. cxxii [[1]].

Cf. also Vázquez de Benito & Herrera (1989: 89).

Greek: αἰγίλωψ /aigílōps/, itacist /egílops/, Latinised aegilops, lit. "goat’s eye", means according to Lewis & Short (1879) "a disease of the eyes, a lachrimal fistula, a tumour in the inner corner of the eye, (so called from, αἴξ, /aíx/, gen. αἰγóς /aigos/ 'goat' and ὤψ /ṓps/ 'eye', since goats are most subject to this disease)".

Cf. Sharp (1740: 172f): Of the FISTULA LACHRYMALIS [[2]]:
The Fistula Lachrymalis is generally understood to be such a Disorder of the Canals leading from the Eye to the Nose as obstructs the natural Progress of the Tears, and makes them trickle down the Cheek: But this is only the first and mildest Stage of the Disease; in the next, there is Matter discharged with the Tears from the Puncta Lachrymalia and sometimes from an Orifice broke thro’ Skin between the Nose and Angle of the Eye: The last and worst degree of it is when the Matter of the Abscess, by its long continuance, has not only corroded the neighbouring soft Parts, but also affected the subjacent Bone.

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