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Alipta est quedam confectio in antidotario Nicolai et quia muscum recipit muscata dicitur.


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Alipta is a certain preparation in the Antidotarium Nicolai, in which muscus {"musk"} is one of the ingredients; this is why it is called muscata {"containing musk"}.


Greek ἀλειπτός /aleiptós/ means "anointed, smeared"; τὰ ἀλειπτά /tà aleiptá/, in later Greek pronounced /aliptá/, "ointments" (LSJ). This word has here entered Latin in the shape of alipta as a fem. sg. meaning "ointment".

ed. van den Berg (1917: 21): Confectio alipte muscate ... alipta .i. mixtura. ... valet ... pueris patientibus asma et ... constrictionem pectoris. et etiam non valentibus lac retinere... - "The preparation alipta muscata {'must-containing ointment'}: alipta means 'mixture' {the Antidotarium Nicolai has perunctio 'ointment'}, it is suitable for boys suffering from asthma and narrowness of the chest. And it is also good for those {children} who are not getting better and cannot hold down milk"...

The Confectio alipte muscate has as its main ingredients – in the order they are listed in the Antidotarium Nicolai – laudanum sometimes called ladanum/labdanum}, storax calamite, storax rubea {"red styrax"}, lignum aloes {"aloeswood"}, ambra {"ambergris"}, camphora {"camphor"}, muscus {"musk"} and aqua rosarum {"rose water"}.

WilfGunther 04/05/13

See also: Ladanum, Storax, Aloes, Hambar, Kaffor, Misch

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