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Allector grece gallus inde alectorius lapis qui in ventriculo galli vel in cerebro caponis veteris reperitur ut alii dicunt.


Allector AC | Alector BH ef

ventriculo (uẽ- B) ABCH e | uentriculi f

in {cerebro} om. B

veteris (ue- B f) ABCH f | vetris e

vt (ut B) alii dicunt (-cũt B) ABCH | Alii d͞n͞t e | ut dicit~ f


Allector is Greek for Latin gallus {"cockerel"}, and derived from it alectorius lapis {"cockerel or capon stone"}, which is found in the stomach of a cockerel or as others say in the brain of an old capon.


Greek ἀλέκτωρ /aléktōr/ means "cockerel" and in Latin an adjective alectorius, "pertaining to a cockerel", is found in Pliny.

For further information see Lapis alectorius.

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