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Almesen infra in lapis in quo acuitur.


entry is missing in BH efjp


Almesen, see below the entry lapis in quo acuitur {i.e. "stone on which things get sharpened or whetted"}.


ﺍﻟﻣﺴﻦ /al-misann/. Wehr: ﻣﺴﻦ /misann/ {√snn} "whetstone, grindstone; razor strop".

However, a vocalisation closer to Simon’s form -mesen is found in Vocabulista, ed. Schiaparelli (1871: 186): ﻣﺴﻦ /masann/ cos tis [[1]]; (1871: 322): COS ﻣﺴﻦ /masann/ [[2]].

Also in Pedro de Alcalá p. 95: aguzadera {lit. “sharpener”, i.e. whetstone} mecén. [[3]].

Cf. also: Corriente (1997: 264) s.v. *(SNN) I

Cf. Dozy (1887-81: II. 593): ﻣﺴﻦ /masann/, vulg. pour ﻣﺴﻦ /misann/ pierre à aiguiser {i.e. whetstone} quoting Edrîsî as his source.

WilfGunther 22:46, 10 September 2014 (BST)

See also: Hager almeses, Lapis in quo acuitur

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