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Als arabice est radix.


Whole entry missing in f
Als ACD | als asl ms. e | Ast uel asi B {'l' misread as 't' or 'i'} | Asi p | Asin j
{radix} mss. j and p add what seems to be an attempt at writing ﺍﺻﻞ /aṣl/ in Arabic


Als is Arabic for Latin radix {"root"}.


Wehr (1976): ﺍﺻﻞ /aṣl/ "root; trunk (of a tree)" etc.

In ﺍﺻﻞ /aṣl/ the expected transcription is asl, as in ms. e; however the unusual consonant cluster "-sl" was changed by some copyist(s) into the more familiar combination "-ls" known from Latin - cf. puls "thick pap" - and Greek ἅλς /háls/ "salt".

The positioning of Als between entries beginning with As- shows that Asl was the original transcription.

WilfGunther 15/10/2013

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