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Alutel est instrumentum sublimandi alkimistarum.


Alutel BH ef | Alytel AC

est AH f | ē BC | .i. e

alkimistarum A | alkimistarũ C | alkĩistarum B f | alkimistorũ e | alkistarum H


Alutel {Aludel} is a contraption for subliming used by the alchemists.


Siggel (1950: 95): ﺍﺗﺎﻝ /uṯāl/ Gefäß zum Destillieren und Sublimieren trockener Stoffe, lat. Aludel genannt {i.e. "vessel used for distilling and subliming of dry matter, in Latin called aludel"}.

Lane (1984: 21): ﺍﺗﻠﺔ /aṯla/, pl. ﺍﺗﺎﻝ /uṯāl/ "apparatus, accoutrements, implements or the like".

Sublimation is a form of distillation in which the vapours condense directly into a solid form at the top of the distilling apparatus. In alchemy an aludel is a subliming and condensing apparatus consisting of a series of pear-shaped or bottle-shaped pots open at the top and bottom. These pots fit into each other becoming smaller as they are piled up. The lowest pot is connected to a vessel in a furnace, in which the matter to be sublimed is placed and heated. The vapours given off by this matter ascend through the aludel and condense at the top. Aludels acquired a more mystical role in alchemy, becoming a symbol of creation itself.[[1]]

Cf. also Vázquez de Benito & Herrera (1989: 199): ALUTHEL. «El alembique o alquitara». ﺍﻻﺗﺎﻞ /{al-}uṯāl/ (alembique, alquitara, destilador {i.e. "alembic, pot still, distiller"}).

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