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Ampelos grece vitis et quamvis sic scribitur ambelos proferunt nam quando .p. littera. m. sequitur illud .p. transit in sonum .b. vide infrascripta.


scribitur (-it~ AC) AC e | scribat~ B f

ambelos (ãbe- B) ABC | ambolos e f

proferũt (pro- AB e) ABC e | profert~ ab eis f

littera (lřa A) M AC | littera m B | litterã m e | litteram f

p. transit (trãn- A) in sonũ .b. AC | p trãnsit in (ĩ B) sonũ b nři B e | p ĩ sonũ b nostri transit f

vide AC e | inde B | et de f


Ampelos is the Greek for Latin vitis {"vine"}, and although it is spelt like this they pronounce it ambelos, because when the letter 'p' follows the letter 'm', this 'p' changes into the sound /b/; see also what is written below.


An almost identical text can be found in Ambelos q.v.

For further information see B littera.

Simon's vide infrascripta is ambiguous. He could mean: "see the following entries that deal with lemmata containing the element ampelos, or he may be referring to the entry further down B littera q.v. Commentary section. In said entry he deals with the change from /p/ to /b/ before /m/ as well.

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