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Andrafraxis apud Dyascoridem est atriplex, aliis etiam vocatur nominibus ut patebit suo loco.


Andrafraxis AC ef | Andrafrasis B

atriplex (atri- e) B ef | triplex AC {contamination with triplex "thrice"?}

etiam (-iã B) ABC | e͡c f | et ms. e

patebit ABC e | patet f


Andrafraxis is the word used by Dyascorides for Latin atriplex {"orache"}. It is also known by other names, as will become clear in different entries.


Simon refers ultimately to Dioscorides Longobardus, 2, 103, ed. Stadler (1899: 219) De andrafraxin id est catone, where a latinized form of Greek ἀνδράφραξυς /andráphraxys/ is used, one of a number of variants found in Greek as the name for this vegetable.

See also: Atriplex, Crisolocanna, Lachana

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