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Anichinos grece siccus.


Anichinos ABC | Anichmos or Anichinos e | Anichimos f

siccus AC | succus (-us f) B ef {'i' misread as 'u'}


Anichinos is Greek for Latin siccus {"dry"}.


Greek ἄνικμος /ánikmos/ "without moisture; sapless" (LSJ) is the word Simon is trying to portray. It consists of αν- /an-/ {"un-, non"} + -ικμος /-ikmos/ from ἴκμιος /íkmios/ "moist" > "unmoist = dry". The expected transcription would be *anicmos or *anichmos. The consonant combination –c(h)m- is unusual for Latin/Italian speakers, which is why the scribes' linguistic intuition would tend to make them read the word as anic(h)inos, helped by the fact that "m" is often misread as "in" and vice versa in the style of medieval handwriting.

WilfGunther 20:33, 29 July 2014 (BST)

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