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Aniton greci anetum vocant, idem anetileon oleum inde factum. Arabice vero xebeth dicitur.


Antion A | Anithon BH p | Anthion C | Aniton e

p adds distorted Greek word

anetum ABC ep | anithon H

idem A p | item B | vide H | unclear f

anethyleon AC | anetileon B e | nethileon p adds distorted Greek word | anethileum H

p adds distorted Arabic word after xebeth


Aniton the Greeks call anetum, similarly anetileon the oil that is made from it. But in Arabic it is called xebeth.


The plant discussed in this entry is aniseed: anethum or anetum in Latin, and ἄνηθον /anēthon/ in Greek. Aniseed oil is called ἀνηθέλαιον /anēthelaion/ in Greek. For the Arabic, see Xebet.

Simon's transliteration anithon reflects the Byzantine pronunciation of his time, with /ē/ being pronounced /i/.

See also: Scebet, Sebetum, Xebet

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