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Ankistron grece hamus vocatur agkistron scribunt sed ankistron proferunt. Nam ubicumque gamma antecedit kapa ipsum gamma transit in sonum .n. littere.


Entry not rubricated in B f. Their text follows seamlessly the text of the preceding entry Ancistrum – Ancistrũ in B and Ancistruʒ in f.

Ankistron grece hamus vocatur om. f

hamus (-us e) AC e | amus B

agkistron (-trõ B) scribunt (-ũt B) ABC | ãkistron scribunt f | alastron scribitur sic e

ankistron (ã- C) {proferunt} ABC | anchistron f | anchisteron e

kapa ABC f | capa e

.n. littere. AC |.n. littere e | n. li͡e f | liře .n. B


Ankistron is Greek for Latin hamus {"fish-hook"}, they write agkistron but they pronounce it ankistron. For wherever gamma stands before kapa, this gamma changes in sound to the letter {= sound} .n.


Greek ἄγκιστρον /ánkistron/ means i.a. "fish hook" and "hook" in general.

For further comment on this Greek spelling habit see G littera Commentary section GREEK.

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