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Anphehe arabice coagulum.


Anphehe AC | Anfehe B fjp | anfeche e | Amfehe vel anfeche H
coagulum (-lũ C) AC | cohagulus B | coagulus (-us p) H jp | coagulus/ al’amfec ms. e | vagulus f
p adds distorted Arabic characters


Anphehe is Arabic for Latin coagulum.


Siggel (1950: 17): ﺍﻧﻔﺤﺔ /infaḥa/ Coagulum, Magenferment {i.e. "rennet, stomach enzymes"}.
Lane (1984: 2821) mentions a variant vocalization closer to Simon's: /anfaḥa/.
This variant /anfaḥa/ is also found in Karbstein (2002: 56): “11) Kälberlab {i.e. “rennet”} ﺍﻧﻔﺨﺔ ﻗﻮﻳﺔ /anfaḥa quwaya/" - '/anfaḥa/ is {in Romance} /quwaya/'.
N.b. /quwaya/ is probably an Andalusi loan from Romance as quoted by Cororminas (1980-91: 256-7), s.v. CUAJO, e.g. quwályo, cályo, cuályo, ultimately reflexes of Latin coagulum, cf. Asturian cuayu (Corominas, 1980-91.), also Catalan quall {IPA [kwaλ]}, Spanish cuajo, all meaning “yeast”.

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