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Apoflegmatismus deductio flegmatis a capite sive ipsum medicamen hoc faciens .s. per os vel nares ut sunt caputpurgia et gargarismata.


Apoflegmatismus (-us AB f) ABCH f | Apofl’anticus uel apofl'anssimus .i. e

flegmatis f | flãtis (-is A) ACH e | flẽatis B

.s. ACH f | sit B | .i. ms. e

per os ABCH e | per nos f

gargarismata AH ef | gargarissmata B | agargarismata C


Apoflegmatismus is the draining of phlegm from the head, or the medication that promotes this e.g. through the mouth or the nose in the manner of caputpurgia {"medicines clearing the head"} and gargarismata {"gargles"}.


Greek ἀποφλεγματισμός /apophlegmatismós/ is a "remedy for the purging of phlegm, an expectorant". The word consists of the basic element φλέγμα /phlégma/ "flame, fire, heat; (medic.) inflammation; phlegm" (LSJ). ἀποφλεγματισμός /apophlegmatismós/ can be analysed: ἀπο- /apo-/ {"away"} + -φλεγματ- /-phlegmat-/ {prevocalic compound form of φλέγμα /phlégma/ see above} + -ισμός /-ismós/ nominal suffix > "draining away phlegm".

See also: Caputpurgium

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