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Aquam maris in mediterraneis non habentes sextarium salis in quattuor sextariis aque salsissimum mare facere poterunt, vim namque et naturam salsissimi maris implet mediocrisimam autem putant supradictam aque mensuram octonis cyatis salis temperari quoniam ita nervos calefacit et corpus non exasperat. Plinius.


This entry is not rubricated in B and seamlessly continues the text of entry <A>Qua ĩbrilis

Aquam (-quã A e) AC e | Aqua fp | aqʒ B

mediterraneis (-terra- ep) A ep | -teraneis (-terãeis B) BC | me<di>terraneis f

habentes | hn͞tis ms. e

salsissimũ ABC ep | salissiũʒ f

potuerunt (-rũt A p) AC p | poterũt (-terunt f) B ef

salsissimi AB | salissimi (-lissĩI f ) C f | salsimi p | salsissimã ms. e

implet (in- ep; ĩ- A) AC efp | implent B

mediocrissimum C | -crissimã AB | -crissimũ efp | moderatissimum Pliny

autem (au͞t B; a͞t A) putant (-tãt AB) ABC Pliny | aut putant f | amputant ms. e | ãputãt p

octonis (-tõis A) ABC | octo f | coctioĩs p | actõis ms. e

cyatis AC | ciatis (-tis f) B ef | mai͠s p {= maris}

salis | sanis ms. e

temperari | tẽperati B

{Plinius} et cetera add. B


Those inland dwellers who have no sea-water will be able to make with one sextarius of salt dissolved in four sextarii of {normal} water a very salty brine which has the strength and property of the saltiest sea. A very mild mixture is prepared with the above amount of water {i.e. 4 sextarii of water} into which 8 cyathi {"cups"} of salt are poured, because with this dilution it warms the sinews/nerves and it does not irritate the body.


Simon's entry refers to Pliny, 31, 34, 67, ed. Rackham (1938-63: VIII.420), prior to which he had a long chapter on the dangers and benefits of sea water. Here he offers a recipe on how to make your own sea water. After an introductory short retelling of Pliny's text Simon begins to quote near-verbatim only from vim namque et naturam onward.

He offers two recipes:

  • 1 sextarius of salt in 4 sextarii of {normal} water,
  • 8 cyathoi = 2/3 sextarius of salt in 4 sextarii of {normal} water = 1 sextariius of salt in 6 sextarii of {normal} water

WilfGunther 10:08, 18 November 2014 (UTC)

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