Artemisia apud arabes

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Artemisia apud arabes vocatur berengesif ut infra in be ostendetur.


This entry is not rubricated in B,e or f, but is part of the previous entry Artemisia.

Artemisia AC f | Arthemisia B | Arthemigia e

berengesif B f | berengesis AC {'f' misread as "long s"} | beringof f

in be ostendetur AC | hostendetur in be B | in be (.b. ms. e) ostenditur ef


Artemisia is called berengesif by the Arabs, as is shown below under letter 'B'.


Cf. Siggel (1950: 19): ﺑﺮﻧﺟﺎﺳﻒ /birinğāsaf/ e. Artemisia (Comp.) {i.e. "an Artemisia species"}; Siggel also marks the word as Persian.

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