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Arteriaca confectio ad raucedinem vocis facta Cassius felix capitulo de tussi humida confectionem eius describit.


vocis om. B

cõfectionẽ (-nem B) ABC | confessione e


The preparation called arteriaca is made to treat roughness of the voice. Cassius Felix describes its preparation in the chapter de tussi humida {"On moist cough"}.


Simon refers to Cassius Felix De medicina, 33, 6 ed. Fraisse (2001: 81-2). Ad tussim humidam {"On moist cough"}, which says:

Sed si forte raucedo aut asperitas fuerit arteriae, vespertino tempore arteriacam euntibus dormitum sub lingua (2001: 82) continendam dabis, et com defluxerit paulatim subinde ipsam esucationem transvorandam mandabis, et sanabis – "If the windpipe is rough and husky you shall give in the evening to those who are going to bed a preparation called arteriaca to hold under their tongue, and as it slowly dissolves {in the mouth} tell them to swallow this liquid quickly and you will cure them."

As Simon says, Cassius Felix then goes on to describe the composition of this preparation, (2001: 82);

Croci scr. VI {7 scruples ≈ 9 g of saffron}

gliquiritiae sc. XVIII {18 scr. ≈ 23 g of liquorice}

draganti scr. XII {12 scr. ≈ 15 g of tragacanth}

piperis scr. IIII {4 scr. ≈ 5 g of pepper}

spicae indicae scr. II {2 scr. ≈ 2.5 g of spikenard}

coliculi suco colliges et facies collyria in modum fabae aegyptiae et in sole siccabis - "Mix with coliculus {'cabbage'} juice and form little shapes like the faba aegyptia {'Egyptian bean' the seed/fruit of 'pink lotus' Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.} and let it dry in the sun."

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