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Asitia grece ieiunia asitos ieiunus.


{ieiunia} ms. p adds an attempt at writing ἀσιτία /asitía/ in Greek script
asitos B f | assitos AC | unde asyros e {'y' interchanged with 'i'; 't' misread as 'r'} | Asrios with -tio- written superscript for correction ms. j. Asitos is rubricated mss. jp
ieiunus | ieiunous f
{ieiunus} ms. p adds an attempt at writing ἄσιτος /ásitos/ in Greek script


Asitia {noun} is Greek for "fasting", asitos {adjective} means the same.


Greek ἀσιτία /asitía/ means "want of food; abstinence from food; want of appetite" (LSJ); ἄσιτος /ásitos/ is the pertinent adjective. They are both forms consisting of ἀ- /a-/ {"un-, non"} + a derivative of e.g σιτέω /sitéō/ "take food, eat".

WilfGunther (talk) 23:03, 23 December 2016 (GMT)

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