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Askincor arabice stincus.


In ms. p this entry is added seamlessly on to the text of the entry Askil.
Askincor ACD efj | Askinchor B | askicon {‘s’ inserted by a different hand}
stincus | stinckus ms. e


Askincor is Arabic for Latin stincus {"skink lizard"}.


Siggel (1950: 14): ﺍﺳﻗﻧﻗﻮﺭ /isqanqūr/ Scincus officinalis, Skunx {i.e. "skink lizard"}. Simon's form shows vowel metathesis: */asqinqūr/. This lemma is ultimately a loan from Greek, see below.

scincus/ stincus:
'c' misread as 't' in scincus. The misreading stincus, e.g. present in all of Simon's witnesses, was common; even Linnaeus named the animal erroneously Lacerta stincus [sic|]

Latin scincus/scincos is adopted from Greek σκίγγος /skíngos/, σκίγκος /skínkos/, English skink; it is "a kind of lizard found in Africa and the East, used in medicine" (LSJ).

Zoological identification:

It is most likely Scincus scincus, Linnaeus (1758), syn. Scincus officinalis by several authors, cf. Siggel (1950). [[1]].

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