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Astrafacus scripsit Stephanus pro andrafaxis quod est atriplex.


pro e f | ABC use an abbreviation which can be read as pro or per, cf. Cappelli p.257.

andrafaxis ABC | andrafraxis (-fraxis e) e f

quod (quod AC e) est (ē AC) ABC e | .i. f


Astrafacus writes Stephanus instead of Latin andrafaxis, which is also called atriplex {"orache"}.


Astrafachus [[1]] is glossed in Stephanus’s Breviarium as catafum, the Latinized Arabic word - ﻗﻄﻑ /qaṭaf/ - for atriplex {"orache"}. Astrafachus is a Latinized version of Greek ἀτράφαξυς /atráphaxys/ or ἀτράφαξις /atráphaxis/ or some such form with the first element ἀτρα- /atra-/ being folk-etymologically reinterpreted as ἀστρα- /astra-/, the Greek root meaning "star".

Wilf Gunther 13/05/13

See also: Atriplex, Andrafraxis, Kataf (1), Catafum

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