Bahar (2)

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Bahar per ha arabice mare.


Dahhaoui (2001: 209) established the same text on the basis of his collations,
and he notes this vl. - not all shown - for: bahar] baar.


Bahar spelled with h is Arabic for "sea".


This entry refers to the Arabic word بحر /baḥr/ "sea, large river", (Wehr: 1976).

A closer vocalisation to Simon’s is found in the Vocabulista glossary ed. Schiaparelli (1871: 35): بحر /baḥr/ or /baḥar/ Mare [[1]]; ed. Schiaparelli (1871: 470): MARE بحر /baḥr/ or /baḥar/ [[2]].

Simon is pointing out that the two words he transcribes the same way are spelt differently though in Arabic with Bahar (2) being spelt with “h”, i.e. ﺡ /ḥ/, in contrast to Bahar (1) which is spelt with ﻉ /ʕ/.

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