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Baidh arabice ova.


Baidh B efgjklmstuα | Barob ACDQR {see commentary} | Baide n | Baid o | Baidli β

ova ABCDQR fgklmnostαβ | sunt ova j | olus e | illegible u

Entry is missing in p and z


Baidh is Arabic for Latin ova {"eggs"}.


Cf. Wehr (1976): ﺽﻴﺒ /baiḍ/ "egg".

ACD show the considerably corrupted form: Barob. A likely trail of misreadings is this:

ﺑﺒﺽ /baiḍ/ > Baidh > Baidb > Baiob > Barob, involving common misreadings in the manuscripts and prints of the time.

Less likely interpretations are Baidh < ﺑﺎﺋﺽ /baʔiḍ/ "(egg) laying", or reflecting a different source form from B e the witnesses ACD derived Barob < Baiob < Baiod < ﺑﺒﻮﺽ /buyūḍ/ "eggs".

The entry in ms. e gives the Latin meaning as olus {"vegetables, esp. cabbage"}. Here the scribe jumped a line: Out of
Baidh. ar. ova
and the next line
Bakal ar. olus
he made
Baidh. ar. [ova // Bakal ar.] olus.

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