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Batitura seu squama metallorum dicitur grece lepidos arabice vero tubel.


Batitura ABC f | Bathitura ms. e

seu om. f

metallorum AC f | metalorum B | matallorũ ms. e

lepidos B ef | lepidus (-us A) AC

vero om. f

tubel ABC f | rubel ms. e {'t' misread as 'r'}


Batitura {"metal chip"} or squama {"scale struck off by the hammer"} of metals is termed in Greek lepidos but in Arabic tubel.


Late Latin batitura, battitura, is a derivative of batuo/ battuo "to strike, beat, hit". Here it denotes metal scales as a by-product of forging, i.e. beating metal.

A very similar text is offered in the entry Squama.

For the Arabic entry and further information see Tubel.

See also: Lepida (2), Lepidos chalcu, Lepidos sideritis

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