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Benedicta planta est de qua Butanicus capitulum facit et dicit quod nascitur in locis agrestibus silvosis et humectis.


Benedicta (Bn͞dic- AC) AC efp | Bedicta B

planta est | est planta ms. e

est om. B fp

capitulum facit | fat cam ms. f

{facit} que (q̃ C) AC | et (& p) dicit (dicit~ f; dictr B) quod B efp

humectis (hũec- B) ABC fp | hũectatiuis ms. e


Benedicta is a plant on which Butanicus has a chapter, and he says that the plant grows in wild, woody and damp places.


Cf. Niederer's critical edition of Botanicus, 20 ed. Niederer (2003: 102) Nomen herba benedictaNascitur in locis silvosis vel agrestis – "Benedicta is a herb that grows in woody and wild places.

Cf. also Dahhaoui (2001: 113-4).

Botanical identification:

Contrary to the majority of plants in Botanicus this plant is not taken from the Herbarius of Ps.-Apuleius. A general name like benedicta, i.e. "the blessed herb" or "St. Benedict’s herb", can be applied to many plants, cf. Niederer (2003: 300-1), but also André (1985: 35); Hunt (1989: 49); Daems (1993: 414). This makes identification very unlikely.

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