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Brionia iam supra ostensum est quod est vitis alba quod grece dicitur ampellos leuce.


ostensum D | oñsuʒ AC f | hostẽssũ B

vitis CD f | uitis B | vitis A

ampellos CD | ãpellos A | ampelos f | ãpelos B

Ms e has a somewhat different text: Brionia sed ut infra in vitis ostendetur est quod est vitis alba q agreste dicitur amelos leuce: {see Translation}.


Brionia has already been dealt with in an entry above; it is in Latin vitis alba {lit. "white grapevine”}, which translates into Greek as ampellos leuce.

Text of ms. e: Brionia, but below in the entry Vitis it is shown that it is vitis alba, which is also called agreste {"wild”} or am<p>elos leuce.

For further information see Ampelos leuce, Vitis alba.

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