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C littera greci omnino carent et eius sono: latini vero ipsa in grecis dictionibus usi sunt ubi greci .k. vel .X. que chi apud eos sonat scribunt, sed arabes .c. litteram eo sono quo nos proferimus: et ipsi proferunt aliquando maxime occidentales, orientales vero eidem .t. littere sonum attribuunt semper unde orientales dicunt catin quod occidentales cacin vocant et est annulus.


Carent et AC | carent B

que chi apud eos sonat AC | que apud eos sona B

annulus AC | amilus B


The Greeks lack the letter 'c' and its sound: the Latins on the other hand use it in Greek words where the Greeks write 'k' or 'χ', which is pronounced chi by them; the Arabs pronounce the letter 'c' as we do. And it is the Westerners who pronounce it most, the Easterners on the other hand give it the same sound as 't'. The Easterners always say catin what the Westerners call cacin, and this means "ring".

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