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Cachochimia grece plenitudo malorum humorum a cacon quod est malum et chimus humor kakochimon exponitur in libro de doctrina greca malis humoribus laborans corpus.


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Cachochimia is a Greek word meaning 'a large amount of bad homours', from cacon meaning 'bad' and chimus meaning 'juice, humour'. Kakochimon is explained in the liber de doctrina greca as a 'body suffering from bad humours’.


κακοχυμία /kakokhymía/ means "an unhealthy state of the humours; unwholesomeness". The word occurs in Galen and Dioscorides. It is a compound noun made up of κακός /kakós/ "bad" + χυμός /khymós/ "(plant) juice; (animal) humours; flavour".

cacon is κακόν /kakón/, the neuter form of κακός /kakós/ "bad".

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