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Cacule vel cacole arabice est cardamomum.


Cacule ABC | Caculle efjp
Cacole ABC | cacolle efjp
est om. B
{Cardamomum} et cetera? add. p
Ms. e adds: de hijs Constãtinus duo facit capitula diuersa.


Cacule or cacole is Arabic for Latin cardamomum {"cardamom"}.


The statement in ms. e that Constantine the African in his Liber graduum has two different chapters is correct, cf. (Goehl) chapter <16.> Cardamomi duo sunt genera; est enim maius et minus. Utrumque calidum et siccum in primo gradu - "There are two kinds of cardamomum {"cardamom"}, the greater and the lesser. And both are hot and dry in the first degree".

And <17.> Cacolle … valet sicut cuscute; calidum est et siccum in primo gradu – "Cacolle has the same medicinal virtue as cuscuta {"dodder"}, and it is hot and dry in the first degree".

WilfGunther (talk) 14:14, 13 December 2016 (GMT)

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