Celidonius lapis

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Celidonius lapis dictus qui in ventre pullorum yrundinum invenitur - multi interdum in uno stomacho reperuntur - alii albi alii nigri alii aliquid rufedinis habentes.


The text between the hyphens occurs only in witnesses B, e and f.

in ventre pullorum (-orum A) yrundinum inuenit~ AC | ĩ uẽtre pullorum yrundinũ inuẽit~ f | in ventre pullorũ yrũdinũ invenit~ ms. e | ĩuenit~ ĩ uentre pullorum yrũdĩũ B

sto. B | stoco f | facto uel ventre ms. e

reperiũtur (-ũt~ ms. e) B e | ĩueniũt~ f

alii albi alii nigri (-gri f) B ef | alii nigri alii alibi AC

rufedinis AC | ruffedinis B f | rubedinis ms. e


The so-called celidonius lapis {"swallow stone"}, which is found in the stomach of swallow chicks - many are sometimes found in just one stomach - some stones are black, some are white and some have some redness in them.


Latin chelidonius is taken from Greek χελιδόνιος /khelidónios/, which means "pertaining to the swallow".

For further information on the beliefs associated with the swallow stone see Lapis chelidoneus.

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