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Cestras et dexeris vocatur gladiolus herba ut infra in suis locis et cetera.


Cestras ABCD efjp | cestris Dioscorides Longobardus
dexeris (d’xeris p) ABC ep | dixeris fj {ms. j has above dixeris written by a different hand: vide dexeris}
gladiolus | glãdiolus p
et cetera add. AC


Cestras and dexeris are synonyms for the herb gladiolus as is explained in the appropriate entries below, etc.


Simon's cestras, which appears as cestris in the source text, i.e. Dioscorides Longobardus, 4, 22, ed. Stadler (1901: 18f) De xeris [[1]], is most likely a ghost word, i.e. the scion of a misread/ misinterpreted/ misremembered word that owes its existence to some infelicity. Cestris is not mentioned anywhere else in the literature except in quotes from Dioscorides Longobardus, 4 ,22. The word could well be nothing more than a corruption of xeris.

WilfGunther (talk) 14:30, 27 December 2016 (GMT)

See also: Dexeris, Gladiolus, Xifion

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