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Chrision .g. aurum, ubi in psalterio habemus aureum grecum psalterium habet crision, verum in libro de doctrina greca et chrision et crisos exponitur aurum, per ch. melius scribitur, krisis vero quod est iudicium per k.


Chrision is Greek for gold, where we have 'golden' in the psaltery, the Greek psaltery has crision, but in the Greek textbook (liber de doctrina greca) both chrision and crisos are listed as gold, it is better spelled with ch, krisis on the other hand, which is judgement, is better spelled with k.


This entry discusses two issues, how the letter χ /kh/ should be transcribed in Latin, and whether the Greek word χρυσίον /khrysion/ means 'gold' or 'golden'.

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