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Ciparissus idem est quod cipressus.


Ciparissus ABC e | Ciparisus f

cipressus ABC | cipressus f | cypressus e

Ms. f adds to entry Ciparissus the wording of the definition of the entry Ciparisson without including that headword: Et perison secundum dyascoridem dicit~ species quedaʒ berbene capitulo de gere botano.


Ciparissus is the same as cipressus {"cypress"}.


Ciparissus is just the Latinized form of Greek κυπάρισσος /kypárissos/, which Simon mentions under the entry Kiparissos. A possible reason for Simon's separate treatment may be the difference in pronunciation, with Greek native speakers pronouncing the first syllable /ki-/ and stressing the second syllable i.e. /-pá-/, whereas medieval Latin speakers of an Italianate background would pronounce the first syllable /tši-/ {as in "cheese"} shifting the stress on to the third syllable, i.e. /-rí(s)-/, resulting in /tšiparí(s)sus/.

For further information see Kiparissos, Ciparisson

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