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Cirurgia grece manuum operatio et cetera.


Cirurgia AC | Cirugia B f | Cyrurgia e

et cetera om. B ef


Cirurgia is Greek and translates as 'working with one’s hands’, et cetera.


The Greek word χειρουργία /kheirourgía/ is a compound of χείρ /kheír/ {"hand”} + a derivative of ἔργον /érgon/ {"work”} > χειρουργός /kheirourgós/ "an operating medical man” > χειρουργία /kheirurgía/ "surgery”.

Cf. Isidore’s Etymologiae, 4, 9, 2, DE MEDICINA: Curatio autem morborum tribus generibus constat: Pharmacia …, Chirurgia, quam Latini manuum operationem appellant; manus enim apud Graecos χείρ /kheír/ vocatur … Diaeta – "the healing of diseases consists of three kinds of endeavour: {firstly} pharmacy …, {secondly} surgery, which in Latin is called manuum operatio {'working with one’s hands’}; 'hand’ is called χείρ /kheír/ with the Greeks, … and {thirdly} diet”.

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