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Clapsedra arabice species syringe qua iniicitur medicamen in vesica post impulsionem instrumenti solidi in concavum instrumentum ut albucasim ca. de qualitate clisterizationis vesice.


"Clapsedra" is Arabic for a kind of pipe by means of which a drug is injected into the bladder, after a solid instrument is inserted into a concave instrument, as Abulcasim describes in the chapter On the nature of bladder clysters.


The process described here probably involves intubation of the urethra with a rigid tube or semitube, as can be concluded from the descriptions given by Simon elsewhere (see links below). It remains unclear from this description whether the clapsedra is a device similar to modern syringes, or rather resembled a catheter tube with a mandrin, that was removed once the tube was in place.

See also: Cathethirizin, Siringa

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