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Coluber serpentis species que dicitur cervum fugere leonem interficere.


Coluber ABC e | Columber f {interference from columbus}
serpentis | serpentes f
que | qui f


Coluber is a kind of serpent of which it is said that it flees the {cowardly} stag but kills the {audacious} lion.


Simon is here quoting without acknowledgment the Church Father St. Ambrose (c. 340-397) from the Hexaëmeron, a book where Ambrose expresses his thoughts on the biblical belief of the seven days of creation: itaque Coluber cervum fugit sed Leonem interficit {Venice (1748: I.55), § 40} [[1]].

Coluber in modern herpetological terminology is a genus of thin-bodied, fast moving, snakes commonly known as racers, with a world-wide distribution.

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