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Corus mensura .xxx. modiorum que ebraice cora dicitur.


Corus is a measurement of 30 pecks, which is called cora in Hebrew.


Corus refers to the Greek word κόρος /koros/ (see LSJ s.v.). Cora appears to be an Aramaic rather than a Hebrew word. Gesenius s.v. lists /kor/ as a Hebrew keyword, and /kor/ and /kora/ as its Aramaic equivalents. Brockelmann & Nöldeke (1895: 156) [[1]] lists both words as Aramaic, quoting Epiphanius de mensuris 61, 46 as a describing /kora/ as "κοριαῖος metrum 30 σαίτας continens".

The Hebrew is indeed Cor (קור), and it is the mishna (c. 200 AD) rendering of the biblical Chomer (Leviticus 27:16).

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