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Crisolocharina sic scribitur ab Avicenna est grecum corruptum, nam grecus crisolohana dicit et est dictu aureum olus a colore aureo, nam lachanna dicunt de omni olere et est atriplex, cataf vero est arabicum. Plinius crisolochannum in pineto lactuce simile nascitur. Item alibi genus crisolochanni traditur flore aureo foliis oleris coctum estur ut olus molle.


Crisolocãna efi | Crisocolãa B | Crisolocharina AC {'n' misread as 'ri'}

est AC e | ē B i | et est f

crisolohana AC | crisolohãna e | chrisolahana f | casolohana B | crisoloannia i

dictu AB i | dictiu C | dictum ef

olus AC efi | holus B

lachanna AC | lahana efi | lahãa B

olere AC | olere fi | holere B | colore e

Cataf is given headword position in e.

est {followed by arabicum} om. B

crisolohanũ ei | crisolochãnum (-chãnũ A) AC | crisolahanuʒ (-nũ B) B f

pineto ABC e | pũcto f | penito i

Crisolohani ei | crisolochãni AC | crisolahanis f | crisolahã B

foliis AC efi | solis B

oleris AC efi | holeris B

estur vt (ut f) AC fi | estũ ut e | esturum B

olus (olus f) molle AC efi | holus mole B


Crisolocharina is written like this in Avicenna. It is corrupted Greek, because a Greek would say crisolohana, and it means in Latin aureum olus {"golden garden vegetable"} after its golden colour, for the Greeks give the name lachanna to every garden vegetable, and here it means atriplex {"orache"}, but cataf is its Arabic name.


The second part of this entry is a direct quote from Pliny, 27, 42, 66, ed. Rackham (1938-63: VII.428). Jones (1938-63: VII.429) translates:

"Chrysolachanum, growing in pine woods, is like lettuce. … Elsewhere too is said to grow a kind of chrysolachanum with a golden flower and leaves like those of cabbage. It is eaten boiled as a soft … vegetable".

Greek χρυσολάχανον /khrysolákhanon/ is literally "golden garden vegetable". Simon's forms ending in –a are presumably plural forms. Also his first version 'crisolocharina' is probably the result of –'anna' being misread as –'arina'.

See also: Atriplex, Kataf (1), Lachana

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