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Dacrion grece lachrima inde dacrion dendrodes .i. lachrima arboris scilicet gummi: quare aliquando reperitur dacrion pro gummi.


Dacrion ABCD f | Dacthion e

lachrima A | lacrima BC f | lacrima e | lachryma D

dendrodes B e f | dendroles ACD {"d” misread as "l”}

lachrima arboris (lacr- C) AC | lacrima arboris f | lacrĩa (lacrima e) arboris B e | lachryma arboris D

gũmi ACD e f | gũi B

pro (pro e) gũmi ACD e | pro gumi B f


Dacrion is the Greek for Latin lachrima {"a tear"}, and from this we have the Greek dacrion dendrodes, which is in Latin lachrima arboris {"tear exuding from a tree"}, that is gummi {"some gum"}; and this is why dacrion is sometimes found instead of gummi {"gum"}.


δάκρυον /dákryon/ "tear; that which drops like tears: gum, sap".

δενδρώδες /dendrṓdes/ neuter adjectival form meaning "tree-like, tree-".

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