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Damula animal simile capriolo minor tamen.


Damula | Danula B
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Damula is an animal similar to the capriolus {"wild goat, chamois, roebuck"}, but it is smaller.


It is difficult to determine which animal exactly Simon had in mind. Dama or damma in Latin is "a general name for beasts of the deer kind; a fallow-deer, buck, doe, antelope, chamois" according to Lewis & Short (1879); but Pliny, 79, ed. Rackham (1938-63: III.148-50), clearly says that capra {"goat"}, rupicapra {"chamois", lit. "rock-goat"} and ibex come from the Alps, the other goat-like animals he mentions, amongst them the dammae, are different in that: haec transmarini situs mittunt - "they send them from across the sea".

Dammula or damula is simply the diminutive form of damma/dama. The word occurs in the Vulgate, Isa.13,14: et erit quasi dammula fugiens … unusquisque - "each one of them … will be like the fleeing dammula", which is often translated with "roe" or "gazelle" or even "antelope".

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