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Deleterion grece Cassius felix capitulo de ilio est letalis cibus vel potus ut fungi venenosi et similia.


Deleterion (-õ A) AC | Deletereon f | Delecteron (-õ B) B e | Delecteron p | Delecteron j {‘c’ added later}
ilio AC | yleo B efjp
est om. AC
letalis | lettalis ms. e
fungi | fongi ms. f


Deleterion is a Greek word found in Cassius Felix’s De medicina, the chapter De ilio "On ileus {a severe kind of colic, the iliac pains}", Greek deleterion denotes lethal food or drink or poisonous mushrooms and similar items.


Greek δηλητήριος /dēlētḗrios/, neuter δηλητήριον /dēlētḗrion/, means "noxious", often used in conjunction with {or understood} φάρμακον /phármakon/, where it means "poison". See entry Delitiron.

Simon refers to Cassius Felix’s De medicina, chapter LI, Ad colicam et iliacam {"On colic and the iliac pain"}, 2, ed. Fraisse (2001: 147). This text is also available online editied by V. Rose (1870: 132) [[1]].
For more information see the entry Cordapsum, Ilion, Ylia.

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See also Delitiron.

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