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Delf arabice ungula animalium.


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Delf is Arabic for the hoof of animals.


Wehr (1976): ﻈﻠﻒ /ẓilf/ "cloven hoof". Cf. Siggel (1950: 51): ﻈﻠﻒ ẓilf "Tierhuf" {i.e. "animal hoof"}

The Arabic sound /ẓ/, ﻈ /ẓāʔ/, is naturally difficult to transcribe for Simon. He writes 'dh’ as in Hadham, i.e. ﻋﻆﻡ /ʕaẓm/ "bone"; also: 'd’ in some words, e.g. Handal, i.e. ﺣﻧﻈﻞ /ḥanẓal/ "colocynth", and there is a case where he uses 'th’, i.e. the plural of ﻇﻔﺮ /ẓufur/ is ﺍﻇﻔﺎﺭ /aẓfār/ "nail, fingernail; toenail; claw, talon", cf. his entry Athfar.

Vázquez de Benito & Herrera (1989: 125) mention a case with 'd' Chede ﻛﻆﺔ /kiẓẓa/ "gorging, cloying, overstuffing (of the stomach); surfeit" Wehr, and (1976: 97) a case with 't' : Almahagiat ﺍﻟﻤﺠﺤﻆ /al-muğaḥḥaẓ/ "exophthalmos, protrusion of the eyeball" < √ğḥẓ "to bulg, protrude (of eyeball" (Wehr).

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