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Dendrolibanum libanotis rosmarinus idem plures habet species de quo infra.


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Dendrolibanum and Greek libanotis and Latin rosmarinus {"rosemary"} are all the same. There are many kinds of this plant about which more is said below see Libanotis, Rosmarinum.


Greek δενδρολίβανον /dendrolíbanon/, a compound noun consisting of δενδρο- /dendro-/ {"tree"} + λίβανος /líbanos/ {"rosemary"}, is listed in Sophocles' Dictionary, and he equates it with λιβανωτίς /libanōtís/ "rosmarinus, rosemary".

The word is a late Greek expression and Sophocles in his dictionary quotes Aëtius of Amida (ca. 500 AD) and the Geoponica (ca. 900 AD) as his earliest sources [[1]].

The word also occurs in John the Physician's Therapeutics [[2]].

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