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Dendron grece arbor per .o. micron sed dendron per .o. mega arbustum inde infra scripta.


omicrõ AB | o. micro C | omicro e | emito f

o. mega AC | omega B | u. mega f | v {mega om.} e

arbustum (-tuʒ e) A e | arbustrum BC | arbuscum f


Dendron is the Greek word for Latin arbor {"tree"} spelt with omicron, but spelt with omega it means in Latin arbustum {"place where trees are planted"}. and the next entries written below are derived from dendron.


Greek δένδρον /déndron/ means "tree", but δένδρων /déndrōn/ means "thicket". Simon's translation of δένδρων /déndrōn as arbustum "a place where trees are planted (esp. trees about which the vine was trained), an orchard, plantation, vineyard planted with trees" (Lewis & Short, 1879) is perhaps less precise and virgultum "a bush, thicket, copse, shrubbery" (op. cit.) would have been better.

WilfGunther 14/11/12

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