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Diaclisma grece oris collutio Cassius felix capitulo de dolore dentium.


Diaclisma ABC | Dyaclisma ejp | Diaclima f
collutio A ejp | collucio f | colutio BC
dentium AC jp | dencium B ef


Diaclisma is the Greek word for an oral rinse described in Cassius Felix in his chapter "On toothache".


Cf. Cassius Felix, De medicina, 32, 6, ed. Fraisse (2001: 75), Ad dentium dolorem. Collutio quam Graeci diaclysma vocant, faciens ad dentium dolorem - "The rinse which the Greeks call diaclysma heals toothache".
This text is also available online in the Rose edition (1879: 65) [[1]].

Simon's diaclisma, or more traditionally diaclysma, is Greek διάκλυσμα /diáklysma/, which basically means "a thorough washing out" and occurs in the sense of "mouthwash" in Galen and in Dioscorides. Cassius Felix's § 6 (Fraisse} consists of listing the ingredients for making this rinse, purported to soothe and abate toothache.

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