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Dieta grece vite regula Cassius felix capitulo de quartana.


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Dieta is Greek for Latin vite regula {"rule for living"} according to Cassius Felix in his chapter De quartana {"On quartan fever"}.


Greek δίαιτα /díaita/ is glossed in LSJ "way of living, mode of life; dwelling, abode; (medic.) prescribed manner of life, regimen; state, condition; arbitration". The word becomes familiar in Latin in the form diaeta through the medical authors Cassius Felix and Caelius Aurelianus {both flourished in the 5th c. AD}. Simon's transcription portrays a late Greek pronunciation, where the classical Greek diphthong αι /ai/ is pronounced ε /e/, or in parallel: late Latin /ae/ becomes /ē/.

Simon is referring to Cassius Felix, De medicina, 55, 4, ed. Fraisse (2001: 159): Ad quartanam, where he speaks of bloodletting and if the fever patient's blood is flavus and tenuis "reddish" and "light" he advises stopping the phlebotomy altogether and: tantum diaetam eius ordinabis, id est vitae regulam – "you will only prescribe a diaeta for him, i.e. a lifestyle and food intake regulated by a physician".

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